banana water lily
- best natural dynamic waterfowl food -

About Us


Jim Hills grew up hunting waterfowl in Georgetown, South Carolina. Georgetown, SC was the largest rice producing area in the world in the 1800S and became a major wintering area for waterfowl from across the flyways. Jim went on to major in biology at Clemson University and continued in his pursuits of hunting and waterfowl management. He is recognized as a successful and knowledgeable waterfowl consultant with projects across the United States  and in several foreign countries. Jim successfully transplanted banana water lily at Ingleside Plantation in 1994 and this small pond of banana water lily became a mecca for waterfowl with several thousand waterfowl wintering each year with banana water lily as its food source. Over the years management techniques have evolved that can entice divers, puddle ducks or both. Our goal is to bring this this little appreciated waterfowl food source to the forefront of waterfowl management where it can be a valuable tool.


Jim Hills, Waterfowl Consultant
, with Grandsons