banana water lily
- best natural dynamic waterfowl food -

Banana Water Lily

Banana Water Lily
Nymphaea Mexicana 

What do wild ducks like to eat? What to plant to attract ducks? What is the best waterfowl food?

Plant banana water lily to attract ducks to your pond and they will return year after year. Banana water lily is the BEST, AFFORDABLE, LOW COST, NATURAL waterfowl food that once established, REGENERATES each year WITHOUT planting, fertilization, cultivation or expensive management. Banana water lily is the answer to a waterfowler's dream, a heavy producer of quality waterfowl food relished by all waterfowl as a preferred food source. Banana water lily is a natural wetland perennial that naturally regenerates, and needs no expensive replanting every year. If you plant banana water lily in your pond, flooded impoundment or marsh the ducks will come, stay and return year after year. Banana water lily is also perfect for wetland restoration.

Banana water lily is a year round producer of food for waterfowl. Banana water lily has a myriad of invertebrates that live in and on banana water lily plants that waterfowl of ALL species feast on in the spring and on into the early fall. These tasty invertebrates are followed by the fruits, seeds, banana-like tubers, and small plants that they continue to feast on in the late fall and winter along with the invertebrates. Banana water lily is a year round food source that is like "the gift that keeps on giving" and the waterfowl fertilize their own food source with their droppings at No Charge!

Since waterfowl are flock animals and waterfowl are in the water lily year round, there are always live decoys in your pond when the first fall migrants first arrive. They are attracted by the local waterfowl and quickly learn about your new food source and teach their young where to come each year for a great meal. You should see increasing numbers of waterfowl each year if you manage the hunting pressure on your banana water lily pond. This is called establishing site fidelity so that more and more waterfowl learn that your pond is the place to be!

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