banana water lily
- best natural dynamic waterfowl food -


What do wild ducks like to eat? What to plant to attract ducks? What is the best waterfowl food?

   "Plant It and Forget It"

Banana water lily has a low cost to no cost of maintenance once established. It regenerates year after year. Some of the more well known established colonies of banana water lily are approaching 100 years of satisfactory service to waterfowl.
Minimal management time is required  to maintain banana water lily.   

Ducks and other waterfowl love to feed on banana water lily and it keeps them returning to your pond year after year.
Banana water lily is a tremendous producer of seeds, tubers, banana hibernacula tubers and plants.
Banana water lily is one of the highest quality food producers available for wild ducks and waterfowl.
The invertebrates that thrive on and around the banana water lily provide another huge source of of highly nutritious food for waterfowl. This food source is available year round for waterfowl.
Thousands of beautiful yellow blossoms begin blooming in may and continue into November providing excellent pollinator habitat and an aesthetically pleasing sight to behold.
Wildlife viewing at its best with all the beautiful sights of waterfowl and other animals that live in the banana water lily ecosystem.