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What do wild ducks like to eat? What to plant to attract ducks? What is the best waterfowl food?

   Waterfowl Management Plans

Let us visit your farm or plantation and design a waterfowl management plan specifically for your property. Now you can have a step by step plan that will turn your property into a waterfowl paradise.  We will explain the importance of rest areas and diverse feeding areas attract a variety of species. We can show you how to properly manage flooding schedules, hunting pressure and other important details to turn your property into a waterfowl showplace you can be proud of.

Habitat Design & Implementation

• We will visit on site to evaluate whether your farm or plantation is suited for a waterfowl enhancement program. We will check soil characteristics, water supply and other characteristics that can cause failure or bring success. We can design impoundments, water delivery systems , control structures , and drainage that work the way they are supposed to. Frost can also manage the construction process from start to finish. Do it right the first time its cheaper!

Wildlife Planting Advice

• We can offer a wide array of choices on foods to plant or manage.  They can be commercially available agricultural crops or natural foods, whichever is best suited for your situation.  We can perform soil tests to check pH and nutrient levels. We can make recommendations as to planting time, fertilizer, and proper herbicide use. If management for natural food is desired we can customize a management scenario for your land . Fresh water, salt water or brackish water ,all can be successfully managed to maximize waterfowl foods and usage on your property starting NOW.